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Webinar on Mental Health

One in five of us will be affected by mental health at any one time - that could be up to
20 per cent of your workforce!  Mental health disorder cost Switzerland 15 billion a year.
Developing mental health awareness can help you significantly reduce the cost to your
business through reducing absence and increasing productivity.

Do you want to create an open attitude and culture towards mental health in your 
organization to become an employer of choice?

Is your organization supporting the de-stigmatization of mental health?

Do your managers, team leaders and supervisors understand how to effectively support employees with mental health issues to enable them to work to their full potential in the workplace? 

Director:           Dr.phil. Patrizia Rizzo
Date:                 28th April 2021

FHNW Muttenz - Leadership Seminar for Women

This practical seminar enables women to experiment with role models in an effective and open learning environment - which is not possible in mixed-sex groups.
Academic director:   Prof. lic. phil. Erika Götz, Psychologist, Supervisor and Coach BSO

Modul 2 - Work, Stress and Mental Health

Director:                Dr. phil. Patrizia Rizzo
Date:                      12./13. August 2020

Public Workshop - Conflict Management  

People who have to deal with each other cause trouble for each other (F. Schulz von Thun, 2004). Conflicts and conflicted situations are a natural part of professional and private everyday life. People with different goals, expectations, values ​​and needs come together in the workplace. In addition, there are time pressure, career plans or personal competitive situations.
Unresolved conflicts often become a burden for those affected. They generate stress, anger, fears and damage the wellbeing and ultimately the health of those affected. If one succeeds in dealing constructively with conflicting interests, needs or goals, conflicts can lead to innovations and positive changes.
In this training, the participants acquire the skills to deal with conflicts in a solution-oriented manner and become familiar with the most important methods for preventing and resolving conflicts.

Audience:                Managers / HR-Responsible
Director:                  Dr. phil. Patrizia Rizzo
Date| Place:             12.06.2020 in Olten 

FHS St. Gallen 2019 - CAS Case Management

Degree:                      Certificate of Advanced Studies CAS FHS St.Gallen in 
                                    Case Management

Audience:                  Specialists in social work, social affairs, professional integration, 
                                     health and rehabilitation as well as professionals working in 
                                     gerontological field .

Director:                    Dr. phil. Patrizia Rizzo
Date:                           October 2018 - May 2019

ACFE, KV Business School, Zürich - When ordinary people become criminals ... perpetrator personality and psychology

Directors:             Dr. phil Karl Weilbach, Criminologist - Dr.phil. Patrizia Rizzo, Psychologist

Date:                     07. 06.2018