Pieter Vogels

HR Director Switzerland at RUAG International

"I worked with Ms. Rizzo on several occasions, using her services as mediator and expertise on employee wellbeing. I perceive Ms. Rizzo as highly professional, agile and integer."

Dr. Beate Ecsy

Company doctor AEH Zentrum for work medicine, ergonomics und hygiene AG

"In the last 10 years I have always been able to rely on her professionalism, expertise and commitment. With her uncomplicated, personable charisma, she quickly builds closeness to her clients in order to find goal-oriented solutions together. Optimism and commitment, paired with professionalism and Integrity! I can wholeheartedly recommend Patrizia Rizzo. "


Large trading company

"We had the opportunity to work with Dr. Rizzo on a number of occasions. One highlight was a seminar on stress resilience, which she prepared for our senior staff. She didn't spend too much time on definitions and analysis, rather, focused her efforts on presenting simple approaches to dealing with stress in everyday life. This we enjoyed and applied. Consequently, we can heartily recommend both her and the servicies she provides."

HR Business Partner

Insurance Industry

"In various crisis situations, Ms. Rizzo, as a psychologist, has provided us with support and advice on several occasions and over the long term. In addition to her high level of professionalism, her appreciative and empathetic behavior towards all interlocutors, I was particularly impressed by her subtle and uncomplicated manner of successful goal orientation. I can wholeheartedly and warmly recommend Ms. Rizzo."

Lic. phil. Stephan Scherrer

Coach, Psychologist und Supervisor

"Patrizia Rizzo is a highly competent specialist in the field of conflict and crisis management. Thanks to her many years of experience in companies, authorities and institutions, she handles challenging topics with an ease and agility that is outstanding. I am happy to recommend Dr. Rizzo as a highly professional consultant."

Dr. Marcel Bischoff
ersonal & Mental • Business & Executive Coach

"Dr. Patrizia Rizzo is THE specialist in the field of Employee Assistance Program. She knows the market, has an excellent network and can give strategic advice on the subject. But what is even more important is her deep, human-psychological competence, which she not only has ready as an emergency psychologist for people and organizations in the highest crises - also as a normal colleague, customer, consultant, one notices her fine way with which she perceive the other person and responding to their needs, which you only notice in conversation that you had them.